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DeRozan wouldn't specify what the Raptors' silent protest might entail, but it will likely be similar to Miami's. On Monday night, the Heat ran out of the tunnel in their warmups, huddled at centre court and tossed their white jerseys to the ground. They wore their red warmup shirts inside out, hiding the team logo.. Becks is the poster boy of what I have termed elsewhere metrosexuality. His hero/role model status combined with his out of the closet narcissism and love of shopping and fashion and apparent indifference to being thought of as means that for corporations he is a pricelessly potent vector for persuading millions, if not billions, of young men around the world to express themselves to be by wearing exactly what he wears. Beckham is the not just because he rams metrosexuality down the throats of those men churlish enough to remain retrosexual and refuse to pluck their eyebrows, but also because he is a sportsman, a man of substance a man who wishes to disappear into surfaceness in order to become ubiquitous to become media.

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